Video: How to Use Social Listening to Uncover Audience Insights for Effective Content Marketing

Steve App and Liz Gross share how to find and analyze public online conversation to fuel your content marketing.

The admissions landscape is continually changing, with schools going test optional and an increased focus on recruiting students at the graduate and professional levels, higher education marketing professionals must use new sources of lead generation to meet enrollment targets. Content marketing is one way to organically capture prospective student information.

Content marketing is fueled by audience insights, but gaining those insights can be cost prohibitive and time consuming. Enter social listening, which can provide marketers with the real-time audience understanding they need to deliver powerful, relevant content.

Campus Sonar Business Development Manager Steve App and Founder and CEO Liz Gross explain how to find and analyze public online conversations to identify knowledge gaps, popular content types and sources, and develop audience personas to fuel your content marketing.

How to use social listening to uncover audience insights for effective content marketing with Liz Gross and Steve App